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With an acute interest in human behaviour Anthony Farrell has a sense for drama and an interest in particular objects and individual characters. He usually works with one painting on the go. All is observed from life. He visits the subject almost daily, making small fugitive drawings. There are hundreds if not thousands for this series alone. All are quick pencil sketches on paper discretely hidden in a folded newspaper that record fresh ideas for new characters, observations about the light, the weather, the grime and texture of the place. And slowly, over months, and sometimes years, this process is repeated over and over again until every character, large and tiny, has its rightful place in a painting bursting with luxuriant life.

Anthony Farrell: The High Street Paintings (2016)


Includes an essay by Andrew Lambirth.

To find out more about the artist and the exhibition view the press release. 

View the exhibition catalogue online.

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