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This publication marks Arturo Di Stefano’s inaugural exhibition at Art Space Gallery. It focuses on recent work but also includes a small group of earlier paintings that shed additional light on the complexities of an approach to picture making that his friend the poet Michael Hofmann alludes to in his essay Di Stefano’s Alphabet:


''…there is a deep literariness – one would have to be Rossetti or Blake to be a more literary, or maybe I mean writerly painter: in the choice of subjects and the breadth and depth of reading that they entail; in the inveterate and profound wordplay of so many of his titles; in the way impalpable things such as time or narrative or memory seem to be woven into his pictures.''

Arturo Di Stefano - Non Finito (2021)


Includes an essay by Andrew Dempsey and the transcription of a filmed conversation with the painter Anthony Eyton.

To find out more about the artist and the exhibition view the press release. 

Browse the online exhibition catalogue.


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