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George Rowlett delights in the properties of thick paint and has developed his own very personal visual language to observe and to record the places where he lives and works: the coastal area of East Kent, the garden outside of his Walmer studio and London’s River Thames. Included in this exhibition is a magnificent series based on Christopher Wren’s baroque masterpiece, the Royal Naval Hospital that commands the waterfront at Greenwich. Working directly from the subject, often with extraordinary speed, the surface of his boards are built up to a rich impasto where colour and surface combine to convey atmosphere, light and mass; a celebration of sustained spontaneity that balance the weight and density of paint with equal measures of refinement and delicacy to capture fleeting moments in an ever changing subject.

George Rowlett: East Kent and the River Thames (2013)


Foreword by Michael Richardson.

To find out more about the artist and the exhibition view the press release.

View the exhibition catalogue online.

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