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Jeffery Camp RA is one of Britain's most accomplished artists. ALMANAC represents a life time spent observing people and places, and capturing them in paint and on paper. Some 550 images - from highly individual figure compositions and tender studies of nature to paintings of sea and shore, and portraits of friends and contemporaries - make up the book's kaleidoscopic pages. Each spread brims with energy, as Camp juxtaposes new with old and paintings with drawings in a rich tapestry of love and longing. The works are accompanied by the artist's comments, astute observations that take in the whys and wherefores of making art and reflections on the passing of time, to create a fascinating document of his life.


Following Camp's best-selling publications 'Draw: How to Master the Art' (1981) and 'Paint' (1986), which offered insights into ways of working and looking, ALMANAC adds an autobiographical element to showcase the full extent of his wide-ranging and considerable achievement.

'ALMANAC' has been sourced primarily from unsold works that abound in the artist's studio as well as images from public and private collections. 


Royal Academy & Art Space Gallery: Jeffery Camp - ALMANAC (2010)


Designed and edited by Oya Richardson with Jeffery Camp.

View the Almanac online.

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