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Jeffery has spent a life being an artist, not just a man who made pictures, but one who has been immersed in the craft and the spirit and the great ghostly legion of artists. They were never dead to him, or to us. They all lived in the marks they made. They surrounded, cajoled, commended, encouraged, and occasionally jogged your hand. Being an artist was the highest calling and you can see in his work in every tender, thoughtful, heartfelt stroke, in every image the litany of his craft and calling. They are leaves from the Atlas of what makes the most beguiling and assiduous body of an artist. ( AA Gill)

Jeffery Camp: Playground-Sixty Years of Painting (2016)


Includes an essay by AA Gill.

To find out more about the artist and the exhibition view the press release. 

View the exhibition catalogue online.

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