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John Kiki was born in Cyprus (b.1943) and produces paintings that are brightly coloured and energetic. He maintains that the strongest influence on the work is most likely the bright lights and razzmatazz of the seaside town of Great Yarmouth where he grew up; not his Greek heritage nor the Mediterranean environment which he left at a very young age.This takes little account of what we inherit from our ancient ancestry; the things that lie deep in our subconscious and influences the way we see, the way we behave and the things that we find meaningful. Kiki’s paintings are essentially abstract and anti-naturalistic, they have a flat space, arabesque flourish and blocks of bold striking colour, all of which characterise the art of his Byzantine heritage that flows into the work and propels it forward. 

John Kiki: Myths and Goddesses (2013)


Includes an essay by Andrew Lambirth.

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