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Though pre-eminently a painter Julia Farrer’s practice has, over a long and distinguished career, embraced printmaking and the making of artist’s books, often in collaboration with the late Ian Tyson under the imprint Partworks. After his death in 2021 his son Matthew invited her to show at the Brussel’s Art Fair, Art on Paper, for which she made a series of drawings in Ian’s memory. They were titled Un Coup de Dés (A Throw of the Dice) after the celebrated Mallarmé poem and this series of drawings became the inspiration and corner-stone of all of the paintings that have followed that are now being brought together in this exhibition.

Julia Farrer - A Throw of the Dice


The 40-page catalogue includes an essay by Brendan Prendeville.

Browse the exhibition catalogue online. 

View the exhibition press release. 

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