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Transporting quiet fragments of the English countryside through time, space and imagination, Paul Hamlyn has created an unsettling, alien version of HERE. Hamlyn’s landscapes are inspired by Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, a scrub woodland where a high-profile series of UFO sightings were reported in 1980. Drawing and painting in situ, he develops these landscape foregrounds, with their disturbed currents of rumour and alien life, by means of a Google Earth-style telescoping of distance. From a tree trunk, through the middle distance to outer space, near and far unite in Hamlyn’s HERE. In his work, when the moon hangs in the foreground like a polished pebble, it is a polished pebble.

Paul Hamlyn: Here - Paintings (2012)


Essay by Sacha Craddock

To find out more about the artist and the exhibition view the press release.

View the exhibition catalogue online.

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