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Although Paul Hamlyn could be called a landscape painter his paintings have always involved close encounters between the natural and supernatural world. There might be references to marine and plant life, micro-organisms and cosmic phenomena orchestrated into rhythmic association, with each element distinct and sharply focused but also seemingly on the verge of change or transmutation. 


Alternating between his studios at Shingle Street on the Suffolk coastline and London, Hamlyn writes that: 


'As ever, my heart lies in natural landscapes, whether in Rendelsham Forest, by the North Sea, or in London. I don’t feel separate from nature and don’t believe an alien would distinguish between human beings and organic forms like trees and stones.'

Online Catalogue: Paul Hamlyn - The Viper's Path ( 2022)


A 46-page online catalogue with 23 colour images. 

Browse the exhibition catalogue online. 

View the exhibition press release. 

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