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Ray Atkins’ reputation has been built on paintings that focus on the derelict and forgotten places of Cornwall: old mine workings, quarries and the vast open cast china clay pits around St Austell and high on Bodmin Moor.  Painting outside is all about change. The light certainly. The surrounding environment also changes in split seconds as vehicles, people and animals come and go. At the clay pits even the physical shape of the land and rock alters as he works. In a studio, unlike the outside world that refuses to co-operate, the model traditionally remains very still. However, to a painter whose work is fired by an involvement with an ever changing subject, Ray Atkins’ studio paintings are about capturing human movement.

Ray Atkins: Paintings (2007)


Paperback publication

22 pages

ISBN: 9780954962395

Published: 2007 by Art Space Gallery, London

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