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Featuring work by Cristina Bertoni, Laurie Burt, Michael Chilton, Tom Hudson, Victor Newsome, Robin Page, Michael Sandle, Terry Setch and Norman Toynton, ‘Transition’ looks at how the boundaries between art education and art practice were blurred in a vibrant moment of experimentation. The seven artists of the Leicester Group met while teaching at Leicester College of Art. The result was what the Observer called ‘the Leicester Powerhouse’. Several of the members moved to Cardiff in 1964, drawing other artists into their orbit. Much of their work was created in the college buildings, in close proximity to their students and their own innovative pedagogic work – the two processes feeding fruitfully into each other.

Transition or The Inner Image Revisited (2011)


Essay by Mark Hudson.

To find out more about the artists and the exhibition view the press release.

View the exhibition catalogue online.

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