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We are delighted to announce an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Virginia Verran. It will feature new and earlier work and include two seminal paintings that date back to 2007 which chart the continuity of vision and grandeur of her large complex compositions.


Autonomy, the title of this exhibition, generally means the ability to make informed and uncoerced decisions; a freedom from external control or influence; independence. The work in this exhibition spans 15 years during which time Virginia Verran has continued to chart her own independent vision. Richard Kendal, in his catalogue essay for the Henie-Onstad exhibition pointed out that, ‘Whatever else her complex artistic activity involves, it thrives on extremity and caprice, on utter seriousness lightly camouflaged and wit lurking in sobriety'.

Virginia Verran - Autonomy (2024)


The catalogue includes an essay by Martin Herbert. 

Browse the exhibition catalogue online. 

View the exhibition press release. 

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